2018 Prostate Cancer Conference DVD

Type: DVDS
Price: $100.00


The 2018 Prostate Cancer Conference DVD set is now available! 

Speaker Presentations: 

  • Eugene Kwon, MD: What You Need To Know About Prostate Cancer Imaging (PET/CT) in 2018 & The Latest & Greatest in Immune Boosting Therapy for Cancer
  • Evan Yu, MD: The Latest & The Greatest In Advanced Treatments For Prostate Cancer Care
  • Mack Roach, MD: Moyad Vs. Roach: The Pros & Cons of All Types of Radiation Being Sold to You Today
  • Mohit Khera, MD: From Stem Cell Treatment To The Latest & Greatest In Pills & Potions
  • Gerald Andriole, MD: A Comprehensive Overview of Prostate Cancer

Ask The Experts Sessions 1 & 2:

  • Richard Lam, MD - Active Surveillance & Genetic Testing
  • Fabio Almeida, MD - PET CT Prostate Imaging & Prostate MRI
  •  Jeffrey Turner, MD - Immunotherapy
  • Michael Steinberg, MD - Hormone Treatments
  • Robert Meier, MD - Radiation Therapy
  • Jacek Pinski, MD - Chemotherapy
  • Arthur Lurvey, MD - Medicare

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