2019 Prostate Cancer Patient Conference DVD

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2019 Prostate Cancer Patient Conference

Hosted at the Los Angeles Airport Marriott, the PCRI Conference DVDs are a full-featured educational experience for prostate cancer patients and caregivers. Each disk consists of straightforward presentations and extended Q+A sessions. You can expect to gain a comprehensive knowledge of your disease and become empowered to make the best decisions for your life. Choose your strategy and win the fight!



Opening Remarks | Mark Scholz, MD & Mark Moyad, MD

Gary Leach, MD | What You Need to Know About Surgery and The Side Effects of Surgery

Laurence Klotz, MD | Active Surveillance: Who Qualifies, Who Does Not and How Should it be Monitored

Daniel Margolis, MD | Update on Prostate Imaging



Jesse Mills, MD | Latest, Greatest and Not So Great Treatments for Sexual Dysfunction

Steven Gange, MD | BPH Emerging Treatments: It’s Not Just About the Pills Anymore

Tomasz Beer, MD | 2019 Breaking News On Prostate Cancer: From Chemotherapy, Genetic Testing, Immune or Injection Therapy, Pills and Beyond!



Mark Moyad, MD + Mark Scholz, MD | Conference Review + A Year in Medicine + Q&A

Daniel Margolis, MD | Prostate Imaging: MRI, PET-MRI, & PSMA

William Aronson, MD | Diet & Nutrition



Gary Leach, MD | Patient Q+A

Laurence Klotz, MD | Patient Q+A

Jesse Mills, MD | Patient Q+A

Steven Gange, MD | Patient Q+A

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